General, Pet Reading, & Mediumship Questions.

Do I need to be present in person to have a reading?

No, most readings I do are done remotely and via zoom. In person readings are available for an additional cost.

Do you do events?

Yes! Depends on what kind. Please email hello@thepsychicgroomer.com to inquire.

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately at this time there are no payment plans offered.

What is a pet reading?

A pet reading is an energy session done through you for your pet. I use my clairvoyance to see what they perceive to be true in their reality to communicate their thoughts. I may also hear or smell certain things that they like or trigger them.

Can you read deceased pets?

Yes, mediumship readings can be done on pets. Please give yourself time to grieve before scheduling a reading.

Can you read multiple pets in the home?

Yes, for those I recommend a full hour session.

Can you help me find my lost pet?

Yes. Please email hello@thepsychicgroomer.com to get immediate assistance once the pet has been discovered missing.

Do you only work with cats and dogs?

No, I am also able to read rabbits, horses, and a variety of small animals.

How soon can we get a reading after a loved one has passed?

Please allow a minimum of two weeks after the service to schedule a reading.

Do you do group mediumship readings?

Yes, by request only. Please email hello@thepsychicgroomer.com. Additional rates may apply.

For questions regarding end of life assistance or new pet integration, please email hello@thepsychicgroomer.com

Sianya Espinoza is a Austin based pet psychic, medium, and intuitive. She communicates with your pets, loved ones that have passed, and your spirit guides. For extended sessions, help in finding a lost pet, recurring sessions, or pet end of life assistance, please email hello@thepsychicgroomer.com