About ME

Welcome! My name is Sianya and I am dog groomer turned pet psychic, medium, and tarot/energy reader.

I groomed dogs professionally from 2013-2018 and unknowingly developed my intuition with pets through this profession.

My spiritual journey and awakening subsequently followed in the Spring of 2018 through a yin yoga meditation, and it has been an adventure since.

I have been working at developing my skills since and am working on expanding my resources for pets through essential oils, and Reiki.

I’m currently based in Austin, Texas and live with my eight year old cat, Sofie.

Sianya Espinoza is a Austin based pet psychic, medium, and intuitive. She communicates with your pets, loved ones that have passed, and your spirit guides. For extended sessions, help in finding a lost pet, recurring sessions, or pet end of life assistance, please email hello@thepsychicgroomer.com